Are you choosing your words carefully? Use Textio

Are you choosing your words carefully? Use Textio

Kiran Bahra

Kiran Bahra

Choosing the right words is a key component for getting your message across. It’s important when looking to recruit new talent in your company, and choosing your words to communicate the job proposition and company ethos should be done carefully.

In PR it’s in the form of writing and communicating that organisations establish, develop and build relationships with their clients and prospects. Our choice of vocabulary is important. New text tool Textio allows you to choose the right words in all your written communication.

Textio can review your text and highlight words and phrases that are positive or negative. This language can have an effect on attracting candidates, especially when you only have a few seconds to hook candidates in.

When text is inserted into the Textio platform, key phrases that will work in a job ad are picked up and highlighted in green, alternatively jargon is picked up in red and the Textio score will highlight that the readers’ interest will reduce.

Textio is also able to source what gender will apply to which role. For example, scientific results have proven more men will apply to roles when the job ad uses words such as, ‘proven track record’, compared to women who apply to job roles including phrases with ‘extraordinary’ instead of ‘exceptional’.

So what works? Well, more job seekers will apply to job roles if you use proven phrases and consider the following…


  • Positive language - is highlighted in green and a higher Textio score will show how effective your document is
  • Length of text – candidates respond better to job ads with a bulleted list of job duties, make people read further with short and concise information
  • The use of active language – Aim to use the active voice in your sentences and include an action verb
  • Correct use of adjectives - Using positive personality adjectives in job ads will score you a better chance of receiving greater applications. Try using the following words - ambitious, conscientious, gregarious and imaginative.


Predictive technology and artificial intelligence can inform the writer of the most effective words. Textio’s database is continuously changing, using content specific words that relate to job ads. It’s like using a supercomputer to craft job posts to attract a diverse range of talent.

Textio has also added a new capability to its analysis tool – Opportunities. This tool helps to detect ways to use language to attract the better candidate, hovering over words in a sentence – opportunities will select better wording with a similar meaning, improving the flow of you job ad.

Businesses all over the globe aim to recruit and hire top talent, it’s essential to your success. Time is spent trying to reach qualified and diverse candidates, and how you communicate through job ads is your first point of contact with potential candidates.

While we’re on the subject of recruitment, at Firefly we are expanding our team and looking to win new talent, check out our open Account Executive position!

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