Firefly launches new drone to deliver press releases straight into journalists’ hands

Firefly launches new drone to deliver press releases straight into journalists’ hands

Firefly HQ

Firefly HQ

1 April 2015 – Journalists will once again receive hard copy press releases with the introduction of FireDRONE, a new press release distribution drone from technology PR agency, Firefly Communications.

FireDRONE will take its debut flight in the skies of London on 1 April 2015, delivering press releases straight to the desks of journalists from Firefly’s head office.

Constructed with aerodynamic, light-weight materials, FireDRONE will put press releases into the hands of journalists within minutes of leaving Firefly’s London PR agency office.

The drone’s targeted GPS-tracking functionality means it will lock onto a journalist’s exact position at any time via their mobile phone, forcing them to physically receive the news into their open arms no matter where they may be.

[caption id="attachment_9337" align="alignnone" width="640"]FireDRONE FireDRONE launched in response to demand for faster, more targeted delivery of announcements[/caption]

The drone’s built in silencer also ensures the aircraft only makes a faint sound, ensuring journalists will be truly surprised by the news they are delivered – as their readers will be too.

"Journalists get so many press releases, that their inboxes are looking more and more like fruit machines. Often the most relevant and timely release is at the bottom of an ever-changing cycle of announcements," said Firefly's managing director Phil Szomszor.

"That's why we've launched FireDRONE, to provide timely announcements straight into journalists' hands. With GPS tracking technology, we can also ensure that announcements are - quite literally - more targeted. FireDRONE can also be used for other delivery of other items, such as product samples and photographs.

"We see another application in the delivery of highly sensitive news. Some of our clients have told us they are worried about hacking scandals and whether we can be sure that an announcement reaches its intended audience. With the camera's in-built camera we've got the best ever 'read receipt' in the business," enthused Phil.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Enereleeses
FireDRONE Specialist

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