PR True Or False: Retweets Are Essential In Measuring The Effectiveness Of Tweets

PR True Or False: Retweets Are Essential In Measuring The Effectiveness Of Tweets

Firefly HQ

Firefly HQ

The title of this week's podcast was inspired by Luben Solev, who shared a report with us called "Why Was That Retweeted?: The Retweet Report", which got us thinking about  the value of a retweet and whether it is an effective indicator about the power of retweeting.

When we put the question out on Twitter, we got an immediate retweet from research company Pearlfinders...

But that didn't really answer our question! So in our latest PR True Or False podcast we take a closer look at the world of retweets to try and come to a conclusion about whether retweets are essential to measuring effectiveness.

Coincidently, Klout - which uses retweets within its algorithm - went live with the new version of its platform after we recorded the show. You can read all about it on the Klout blog. Klout claims that it has left its algorithm unchanged, although has taken down its page explaining its scoring methodology, so change may be around the corner.

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Views expressed in this podcast are Phil and Austin’s and do not necessarily reflect the view of Firefly, its employees or clients.

Podcast show notes:

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

New Data Indicates Twitter Users Don't Always Click the Links They Retweet - Hubspot
Want a Retweet? Include a Photo - Mashable
What’s the Value of a Tweet? - SumAll



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