FINALLY. That’s the way I feel about Google+.

There are lots of Google-detractors out there, and with the BSkyB bid quashed by Murdoch himself, I totally understand why competition commission and reputation management may be the words on everyone’s lips. But honestly, this is one PR launch that’s been lost in the noise and you’ve got to pay attention because it will go BIG.

Having been invited to the ‘test group’ (thank you Ben), I went about creating my ‘circles’. These little groups create communities for you on your profile so you can really simply send status updates or share photo albums with just your friends, or your business contacts, or your mum, without letting anyone else see it. It’s what I so wanted in Twitter. In Facebook. In Linkedin. But it’s all in one place and I feel totally in control.

Now this isn’t intended to be an advert, but I’m genuinely too excited to contain it. For clients, Google+ has huge potential since it doesn’t require your contacts to approve you before you can add them to your profile or circles. So if you wanted to send out a message to all your clients, or a particular media group, they wouldn’t know which circle they were in but they would be in one easy place for you to send messages to, the latest corporate video, or photos from an event. There’s also a video ‘hangout’ facility, which may well be the next-gen free conference facility. If Google listens to feedback though, it seems the current capabilities in this test version could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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