One Touch Wonder is a growing trend that any client or PR agency should jump on.  It’s what all those time-starved people out there want – one touch and a problem is sorted, a question is answered, or a service is delivered.

How will One Touch Wonder influence your PR success?

The need for One Touch Wonder is encouraging innovation in businesses, and when done well is very PRable. In the UAE, you can push one button on your fridge door to get your favourite pizza delivered. In Paris, you can push one button on your fridge door to get bottled water delivered. In Ibiza, you can sign off for hotel extras with a finger print. Innovation like this sets a client apart from its competitors – it catches the imagination and spreads like wildfire, often propelled by social media with some behind the scenes encouragement and pushing, of course.

There’s a bit of One Touch Wonder here at Firefly too; via some clever apps which will help you to watch the success of our PR campaigns roll.

We view analytics reports and see the increase in views to our client’s website once a release or piece of content has gone out. We can see which sites are generating the most traffic, how long people stay on the page for, which pages they read and which organisation they are from.

Is One Touch Wonder making your life easier?

My kids get their school dinners by swiping their finger prints, if they spend over a certain amount it’s flagged to me by an email alert.

I just walk up to my car, get in it, push a button and drive away. No need to scramble for keys.

My public transport card auto loads payment as I swipe through barriers, I get an email alert just for the record. I never have to queue.

One Touch Wonder is built into Firefly’s business operations.

We make life for our clients as easy as possible.

Client satisfaction is critical for us. With a handy little SaaS tool, in one click we can see on a monthly basis whether our clients are happy or not.  If they’re not happy, we know instantly and it prompts an email alert followed by a phone call to discuss what we need to do better.

With just one email address, our clients can reach their whole team. We make sure that between us we cover mail 24/7 and the right person will pick up the actions or deal with the instruction or issue. Our clients don’t have to think who to call, and don’t have to double check we’ve got the message.

For some clients, one point of contact is what they want. And in those situations they are given their own dedicated client handler: someone who is there to take on their strain, available pretty much 24/7 within reason, someone who really understands them completely and can anticipate and solve any problems or challenges coming down the line.

The problem is when we come to expect One Touch Wonder as the norm, what comes next? Probably mind reading? Now wouldn’t that be great!

‘Little and often fills the purse,’ is how the saying goes. This is also our mantra for collecting client satisfaction feedback for 2011, to improve what and how we deliver to our clients. We used to survey our clients every year – which served its purpose – but it was not enough. What about the rest of the year? Those ‘up and down moments’ are present in any intense relationship, especially those charged with constant demands for high performance in order to meet expectations. If left buried, those little niggles can fester and might end up eventually as a contract termination notification. Agencies mostly lose clients because of a sense of complacency. Fact.

For 2011 and beyond, we will ask every client a different, simple question a month to get regular and instant feedback on our all-around performance. All it takes is two seconds to reply – hence little and often. Any client unsure or unhappy gets instant attention and a plan to put things right.

Here are the results from this month’s question. We asked our clients if they would recommend Firefly as an agency to work with. It gave a very satisfying result.

Our thanks to <mailto=””>Imogen Bailey of QuestionOne for the inspiration. Our clients have embraced our Firefly client satisfaction thermometer. It can only do good.

Is it time to shape your reputation?

We operate in London, Paris and Munich, and have a network of like-minded partners across the globe.

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