This is not about ash clouds, swirling fog or The Rolling Stones hit. This is not about inconvenience or confusion or inflexibility. This is living the dream of a new way of working, its the beginning of the death of the office desk.

Firefly is a workforce that is smart, fast, flexible, mobile, effective and…..more profitable. We’re all up in the cloud.

Our old IT server room with its humming machines, storage, UPSs and aircon is all gone. Sadly so have our colleagues who ran our operations infrastructure and who served us well for many years. We’re living in our new virtual world, supported remotely through outsourced finance, outsourced IT and outsourced HR. Laptops, iPhones and wireless dongles are our armoury – we’re fully mobile, ready to go into battle for our clients, from anywhere and everywhere. We have office bases, but we’re not stuck in them or chained to our desks. We’re not stagnant in our thinking nor weighed down by a mighty infrastructure and unnecessary process.

Of course this is all fine until some subterranean bozo cuts through major cables whilst digging up Crossrail, but that’s where dongles and WiFi come into their own….

Is it time to shape your reputation?

We operate in London, Paris and Munich, and have a network of like-minded partners across the globe.

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