I can’t keep count of the amount of times I’ve seen an old Tweet or Facebook post that has made me really cringe! I still regularly use apps like Timehop that remind me what I posted to social media this time last year, two years ago, three years ago, etc and I always hope for some good memories, but I often see the nonsense I posted about eating twelve donuts or skipping around the flat listening to The Beatles.

Fortunately for me, those social updates are boring/stupid and not offensive (unless you hate The Beatles). Unfortunately for James Gunn – Guardians of the Galaxy director – old Tweets cost him his job. Back in July, James was axed from the third movie after a series of offensive Tweets were uncovered. The oldest Tweets were from 2008, 10 years ago!

Now we’ve all been young and foolish once, but does that make you slightly concerned about what could be hiding in your old Tweets? Well, there is an AI-powered bot that can help you out. Introducing Feedfilter, a bot that searches through your Twitter history, looks for ‘bad words’, and shows you the tweets that could be offensive. Then you have the option to delete them – easy!

The bot just surfaces the potentially offensive, and not the potentially stupid. Some things you’ve just got to live and learn with!

Is it time to shape your reputation?

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