Issues hijacking is a crucial tool in any PR’s toolbox, and it’s something that the Firefly team utilised recently to ensure great cut through and an opportunistic sell in.


Our client Masternaut, a leading provider of fleet telematics, this month launched its real world fuel economy database, providing 100% accurate figures based on actual driving. Typically, car manufacturers determine their miles per gallon (MPG) values based on a series of tests, covering just 6.8 miles of driving.


By jumping on the back of news about the VW emissions scandal, Firefly brought the issue of fuel economy into the debate around providing accurate emissions figures, whilst also weaving in important messaging about the absolute accuracy of Masternaut’s technology.


In total, Firefly secured over 15 pieces of coverage on Masternaut’s new fuel economy database, with 13 of those in tier one publications and just over half featuring Masternaut in the headline. Each article contained key messaging and quoted Masternaut’s spokesperson, Steve Towe.


This helped to maintain Masternaut’s position as the leading European telematics provider, in terms of media share of voice. In September 2015, Masternaut had 58% European share of voice, more than all its key European competitors combined.


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