Eureka! Finally, you have thought up the perfect new creative campaign for your client. As PRs, we are naturally creative but that does not always mean that the first idea we come up with is necessarily the best.

It takes time to conjure up an amazing idea, and of course those brilliant moments of inspiration can happen at the most random and inconvenient times – often when you aren’t able to share them with your colleagues. This is where comes in, hoping to make sure that no great ideas are missed and to help transform thoughts into an actionable project.

Sure, you had a really productive brainstorm, but that doesn’t mean that the idea generation will or should stop there. If a brainwave strikes later on, lets you record it. Even your most abstract ideas can be captured and logged in whatever form works best for you – words, links or images.

Once you have noted those first few ideas, aims to then help organically develop your project, creating logical next steps to build up your campaign from inspiration to execution. Throughout this process, you can also share all your thoughts with colleagues and create internal discussions to further fuel and spark your creativity – meaning that anyone can contribute and you don’t have to wait to get everyone together in one room. Comprehensive tracking also makes sure that you are always on top of each project to ensure that nothing gets lost when running parallel campaigns and all ideas make it to completion.

If your creativity is running a little dry and you are struggling to see the bigger picture, also has the option to use ready-made templates which include best practices, resources and basic thoughts, so that you can just concentrate on adding in the little details.

If you want to make sure you never miss that Eureka moment again, why not give a go.

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