During the Olympics, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor, Business Secretary and thirty-five other ministers, have welcomed around 3,000 business leaders and global figures (so far) to twelve Global Business Summits at Lancaster House in London. These guests have included over half of the FTSE 100 companies, alongside hundreds of international buyers, investors and policy makers. This is all part of an 18-day programme running into September and throughout the Paralympic Games.

Overall, hosting the Olympics is forecast to deliver around £13bn in economic benefit to the UK in the coming months and years, as businesses take advantage of the unique opportunities provided. This includes £1bn of extra sales for businesses taking part in the British Business Embassy programme, £4bn of high value overseas opportunities for UK firms in markets including Brazil, Russia and China, £6bn of inward investment and a £2.3bn boost to tourism.

We all work in a global market place. In an era where mass customisation is challenging companies to re-engineer their products and services to cater for anything for anyone who is anywhere at any time, having a global outlook is more important than ever.

Your international marketing strategy should be an extension of your UK strategy; differentiation is even more important in an international market – customers need to have a really good reason to work with you or buy from you. And increasing your profile and visibility is a key component of a successful international strategy.

Tips for local and international success in increasing your profile and visibility:

There are also four key areas that I recommend for focus, by businesses looking for increased visibility and growth:

And finally – your definition of success should equate to more than just profit, with strategic success being driven by a combination of factors. Getting these right, will help you to achieve revenue growth, financial success, and a great reputation.


Christine Losecaat is Managing Director of Little Dipper, and Consulting Creative Director of UK Trade & Investment’s Olympic Legacy Unit

To watch presentations from leading international thought leaders from The Global Business Summits at The British Business Embassy – click here: http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export/sectors/globalsportsprojects/britishbusinessembassy/item/323880.html

For details of the UK Trade & Investment High Value Opportunities Programme – click here: http://www.ukti.gov.uk/uktihome/item/219720.html

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