The news that a woman was sent home from work without pay for refusing to wear high heels was followed by complete uproar from the UK public. Men and women throwing themselves into the debate on whether it should still be legal to make women wear heels to work (because currently it is!).

Yes, that’s not very funny we hear you say; it’s an important discussion.

We agree, it is. But, we quickly noticed it was the same arguments being made everywhere which got boring very fast until, with fleet of foot, Stylist came along and did something a bit different.

The publication asked their male staff to wear heels for a day and filmed their attempts at basic tasks, like going down stairs or walking along a cobbled path. The shoe was on the other foot, literally! The video is brilliant and immediately did the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

Hat tip to Stylist for bringing the debate to life in a creative and hilarious way. We’ve fallen head over heels with your approach!

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