If you spotted the blog post from Firefly’s Phil Szomszor earlier this week, you’ll know that – in our opinion – LinkedIn is ‘the special one’ when it comes to B2B marketing.

Why? Well, there are a number of reasons – but, ultimately, the network has evolved into a publishing platform, providing users (13 million in the UK alone) with a targeted and personal communications channel to reach decision makers.

With this in mind, on Tuesday morning we hosted an event all about LinkedIn – specifically looking at how marketers can mobilise the rest of the workforce to use the platform effectively.

We were joined by Henry Clifford-Jones, Director of LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Business in Europe, and Tamara Korcak-Novicka, Online & Social Media Manager at Telefónica.

The event sold out, so for those who were unable to join us (and even those who were, but fancy refreshing their memory!), here is a brief summary, along with the speakers’ slides…

The event opened with Phil, our Head of Business and Digital, offering his perspective from a PR standpoint on the use of LinkedIn. He also shared the surprising results of the audience research we conducted prior to the event: we surveyed the customer base of four of Firefly’s B2B clients, and found that just 5% of these customers were on Twitter, while a whopping 92% were on LinkedIn!

Phil’s slides are available here:

Phil was followed by LinkedIn’s Henry, who spoke to delegates about how the platform has evolved since its inception. Henry emphasised the fact that nowadays content is very much at the core of LinkedIn; users are ten times more likely to engage with content than they are with jobs.

And while it’s important for companies to have a profile page, individual employees are very much ‘the face of the brand’ on LinkedIn; the average member is twelve times more likely to see top tech brands though an employee’s profile page than on their company page.

Finally, Tamara of Telefónica took the floor, to provide a first-hand perspective of the work she is doing to roll-out a unified, strategic set of LinkedIn usage guidelines across the whole of the organisation.

Thanks to all those who joined us – please do follow us on LinkedIn to be kept up-to-date on future events and goings-on at Firefly, and if you have any questions get in touch!
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