Cambridge Analytica, Huawei and the GDPR, of course, have all helped to bring data privacy into the spotlight and people are becoming more wary of how companies are collecting and using their data (Just check out our client, the Internet Society’s, latest report on consumers’ security concerns with IoT devices – it turns out we think Alexa is pretty creepy!).

And because there is so much of our data stored on the internet – whether it’s on social media or Google, there is also risk of old data being exposed and potentially used against us and out of context – remember when Disney fired (and subsequently re-hired) James Gunn because of decade-old tweets?

Whether we’re worried about how secure our social media account is, where our voice notes are stored in our Alexa, or if we just want to do a bit of a data spring clean, look no further! Because Jumbo is here.

Jumbo is a handy little app that aims to protect your privacy online and there are three ways it can help: it can make your tweets ephemeral by automatically deleting them after a certain period of time, it has a Smart Facebook Privacy Setting which cleans your data on Facebook in a more simple way than Facebook’s own settings, and it can also automatically delete your Google Searches and Alexa recordings.

So the next time the data privacy demons are whispering in your ear, threatening to expose all those times you asked Alexa to play the Vengaboys, make sure you grab your Jumbo app to safeguard your guilty pleasures (and the other important data too).

Is it time to shape your reputation?

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