We already showed how you can make yourself into an emoji and now we’ve found you can create emoji graffiti too.

Before you ask, no we do not mean grabbing a can and spray painting the local park with your favourite smiley, rather we have been playing around with the AR app Mirage.

Mirage allows users to (legally) graffiti 3D emojis, texts, drawings, hashtags or animated GIFs to any location in the world. Simply take a picture of the object, building, or whatever you wish to use as your canvas and create your masterpiece. Once completed, all mirage users will be able to view your mirage through their phone for twenty-four hours before it disappears back into the ether.

All mirages also appear as glowing orbs on Google maps, helping to direct you to the virtual graffiti in your area. Hoping to help this secret world intertwine a bit more with reality, tapping on a mirage with a hashtag will also take you straight through to Twitter.

You certainly can’t quite produce anything that will rival Banksy, but it does a little extra curiosity and mystery to your day (even if you do just find a 3D emoji poo).

Just to make it more exclusive, Mirage is only available on iOS, so apologies to Android users, you will just have to remain locked out of this hidden world… at least for now.

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