In an age where whole TV series’ are available to watch instantly and our smartphones constantly update us with news, it’s no wonder that 37% of Brits feel that they don’t get enough sleep. We’ve all taken our laptop to bed in the hope of watching a movie to distract us from the outside world and relax our mind before going to sleep. Yet all this does is keep us awake, leaving us groggy and tired the following morning.

Now, instead of staying up all night on Netflix, you can sleep all night with Napflix.

Napflix is a video streaming service aimed at helping people nod off by boring them to sleep. Created by two Spaniards, the free “siesta video platform” was launched due to their belief in the importance of having fulfilling naps.

The site has a catalogue of mind numbingly boring videos that include The Wonderful World of Tupperware, a documentary on Quantum physics and a 2-hour video of a burning fire place. They have even started to produce their own content, such as “Subway, from Canal St to Coney Island”.

So, stop panicking when counting sheep doesn’t work and fall asleep to some of the internet’s dullest videos.

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