In today’s online world, it is not only important that we help our clients to produce the most compelling content.  We simply must ensure that we make best use of that content, in its distribution.

It has been said that “every company is a media company”.  Certainly, we advise every company whom we work with to master the technologies of publishing effectively to their customers (and by that, we could mean bloggers, journalists, investors, stakeholders, end consumers, even their own staff, and so the list goes on…)

However, in this content-rich world, a brand can end up with several different communication channels; all of which are important in their own right, but none of which quite does the job of publishing and communicating in the right way to showcase the brand’s profile and influence its online reputation.  The brand’s main website is a great first point of call, but is the online shop window; and therefore may not be the best communication channel for all the detail behind that window dressing.  Tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all great channels for communication and interaction, but can’t tell the brand’s full story or give all the key information at a glance.

Which is why Firefly has long been a fan of the newsroom.  In fact, Firefly is credited with launching the first ever newsroom for a client in the 1990s. Now, we work with our clients to create for them one authentic central online hub as a newsroom.  This newsroom is fully branded and integrated into the brand’s existing website and URL, and house all of its press materials, coverage, images, social media channels and press contacts.

The primary purpose of our newsrooms is so that the brand’s target audience(s) can always quickly access, understand, and engage with that brand’s content.  Of course it is also important that the newsroom will secure reach to relevant online audiences; which is why news releases on our newsrooms are optimized for online publication and can also be re-used by citizen journalists and bloggers.

Earlier this year, Firefly announced that we had been appointed to work with the UK’s first venture capital-backed equity platform for buying shares in unlisted companies: InvestingZone.  We now launch our most recent newsroom, for InvestingZone . The newsroom gets viewed by both potential investors and journalists.  For investors, it is important to demonstrate that InvestingZone receives a steady stream of credible high level press coverage.  For journalists, it is an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for the latest news and information from one of the UK’s top crowd-funding platforms.

If you are interested in how Firefly can create a newsroom to hold your content effectively, combining the most powerful aspects of social and search worlds, then please do get in touch.

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