When my colleague Sophie shouted out over The Times that the sales of tablet computers will more than double next year – I thought, “now that’s interesting”. Personally, with a phone and laptop, I don’t feel the need to buy another device for me to carry around and sync up to everything else. Either way, and despite my personal view, according to these predictions we are set to see more of these devices  around. So in  PR terms, what does this mean?

It means more access to digital content and the world wide web. With more people likely to jump online whilst waiting for a friend to show up for a coffee or surf the web on the tube going home after work, it is important for companies and brands to be seen in the digital sphere and  have a clear understanding of the conversations happening within their communities. At Firefly, we use a tool called FireTalk where we map, track and gain the knowledge we need to develop an online engagement plan. Everyone is different and there is never one digital strategy that fits all. Tailoring every approach with a deep level of understanding of your online communities means you are best placed to engage with them in real-time.

Bring on the tablets – we’re ready for you!

 This post was written by Charlotte.

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