We’re all big podcast fans at Firefly – everyone has their favourite subscriptions, from economics ones like Freakonomics and Planet Money, to those based on new thinking like the TED Radio Hour, to pure entertainment like the AT, Serial and MDWAP.

We love discovering new podcasts and finding them through recommendations is easy. Finding a relevant episode is a lot harder! Enter Listen Notes, the podcast search engine: https://www.listennotes.com/

You can type in any key words or phrases, and just like that, you find new episodes on your favourite subjects.

Love podcasts as much as us? Make sure you give this episode called ‘Keeping it Kind’ created by the guys at The AT Podcast (run by About Time Magazine) a try. It features our client Give as you Live and is filled with lots of great ideas on giving back. Well worth a listen: https://www.acast.com/theat/keepingitkind-thegivingbackspecial

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