We’ve hired graduates who studied archaeology, we’ve had Fireflies start a career in one European office to continue it in the next; the beauty about entering the PR industry is that you can come into it from many different angles and it gives back many transferrable skills. My story is from turkeys to technology (this will make sense in a sec, trust me!), recently talking through my own PR journey and the Firefly ethos with our friends at Shout! – the presenter, Catherine Bayfield, was actually a Firefly 16 years ago before setting up Shout with another Firefly, Keren Hayes!

I’ve always found it so humbling to know the impact Firefly has had on people’s career journeys, and I have hired very many talented people and believe there’s always inspiration to learn from others. Tune in to Shout! Radio Five at Four, to hear my interview with Catherine. I hope you enjoy something a bit different from me this month – I’ll be back with some timeless tips in May!

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