Whilst on the tube this week I noticed how The Metro has tentatively embraced QR codes (QR means quick response). These funny little squiggly square boxes are popping up in poster ads, on cartons, cans and bottles, and on business cards – I notice more and more every day.

And there is more evidence of mainstream barcode use with the Starbucks story in the FT today. In the US you will be able to wave your mobile at a scanner, instead of a loyalty card. Hallelujah! I can never find my loyalty card.

QR codes have been around a while, but are becoming mainstream. We’ve been monitoring this for a while and when relevant, building QR codes into our PR strategies for event details, competitions, helping people catch the information the moment they see it. Through all our research, this is what we found:

Easiest, fastest and free QR barcode generator – http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/

Easiest, fastest and free reader app – http://www.i-nigma.com/i-nigmahp.html

And this is me….

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