It’s hard keeping track of all those social engagements at this time of year; and it’s even harder trying to organise them yourself, for all your business contacts, in the last couple of weeks before the big day.

While we may not be able to get you to a reservation at the latest hotspot in town just by reading this post, we can help you to make the right booking.  If you’re looking for the best place to eat the latest fusion food or to try the latest craze in uber-cool entertainment, search on.  But if you want the real life user’s guide to choosing a venue that is right for your genuine entertainment hopes and fears, than read on…

For if you want to break the ice with some new contacts: Very little makes a lunch more awkward, than not knowing or gelling with the people round the table.  Break the ice with some sharing platters from BKB.  Three courses, all delivered on sharing boards, mean that you will always have something to say to your neighbour.  And if all else fails, wow them with the fact that this is part of the Soho House group, or people watch – the restaurant that is right oppositeLondon’s notorious G-A-Y nightclub.

For if you want to save that awkward scramble to the bar: Or if you want to avoid the discussion about whose round it is, what could beat a table at Bob Bob Ricard?  Forget worrying about what wine to order, and just press the “more champagne” button to your heart’s content.  The English and Russian food is great for soaking all that fizz up, too.  And even better – ties are not required, so you can take those scruffy journalists in there too.

For if you want to look like you have spent more than you have: Oh how we love Brasserie Zedel.  Central location right next to the tube, so even the out-of-towners can’t get lost – check!  Huge chandeliers and plush decour – check!  Exquisite menu – check!  A bill that at the end of the night surprises and delights; and means that your boss might just give you a pat on the back for your thriftiness…  Waiter, cheque please!

And perhaps the ultimate tip from the team here at Firefly:

For if you want to encourage yourself not to get drunk: book yourself and your guests a table at NOPI.  Yes, theMediterranean, Middle-eastern and Asian cuisine is delicious; and yes it has the cool factor.  But have you ever found the ladies loo in there?  And if you have, have you ever found your way out of it?  With that mirror maze, you will definitely need to keep your wits about you if you ever want to get back to your table…

Christmas – the time of year when you spend as much time in one restaurant or bar or another, as you do at your desk.  And certainly a time when you spend more time out and about, than you do in your own bed or on your own sofa.  We hope that this little guide gives you some festive hosting inspiration; and have fun…

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