Despite what the name may suggest, this has nothing to do with the infamous ride-hailing service, but it could help drive up your SEO.

Certainly, when it comes to finding the perfect keywords and pushing you up the SERPs, it never hurts to have an extra helping hand, especially when your Google juice inspiration is running a little low.

That’s exactly what Neil Patel is hoping to provide with Ubersuggest (if you haven’t heard of him, by the way, it could be worth looking him up ‒ it seems he’s a pretty big deal in the US entrepreneurial and marketing world). We’re sure that you will all be aware of the likes of Moz for your SEO needs but Ubersuggest hopes to take this one step further.

What content are people actually reading and sharing? Or, if you’re struggling for ideas, what other keywords could you be using? Ubersuggest looks to answers all of these questions, outlining the top-performing content for certain keywords and generating keyword suggestions based on what people are actually typing into Google.

Furthermore, it also offers insights into your competitors, so you can see what’s working (and what isn’t) for the rest of your industry.  Not just so you can do the same but so you can do it better.

Best of all ‒ its free!

So, we suggest you give it a go. And if you’d still like some additional advice, we’ve written a whole guide and eBook on SEO.

Is it time to shape your reputation?

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