While doing my rounds in search of interesting PR content on the web, I ran across this blog entry from a marketing firm based in Reno, Nevada. Reno is known for being a mini-Las Vegas (owing to its numerous casinos) and a history linked to the Nevada gold rush in the 1800s. If you’ll pardon the pun, I think the firm has unearthed some valuable nuggets of wisdom, with regard to the limitations of social media when it’s not accompanied by the right objectives, time investment and supporting strategies. I particularly agree with the assertion that social media success can’t happen overnight (unless you, too, are planning an elaborate hoax about resigning from your company).

On the flip side of those companies waiting on baited breath for their Twitter strategy to start paying dividends, are those who should really embrace social media, but won’t. And it’s this psychological barrier that – along with dispensing good, social media sense – communications consultants must help their clients overcome, with plenty of relevant evidence.

On the bright side, there is so much more cogent discussion about PR and social media that really, it’s like a gold rush in and of itself.

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