Were you listening to Talk Radio last Wednesday morning? If so, you may have heard about Prodigy Patient, in a segment discussing cyberchondriacs. Prodigy Patient is an app that helps you get better faster by informing you about your health. Firefly has begun the first phase of the PR programme which includes an app launch, research campaign, TV and radio day as well as paid and organic social activity aimed at driving downloads. The app is available on all major platforms – Android, Windows Phone and IOS.

Also on the way is rungway – a micro-mentoring app which is the brainchild of Julie Chakraverty. Still in beta, Firefly has been involved from its inception, with messaging evolving as more users come on board. Firefly’s late Spring launch plans include a study into mentoring, an app review programme, profiling Julie and social media support (paid and organic). The objective for rungway is to continue to build on the current supportive and engaged community who form the beta test. Join Claire Walker’s PR professionals mentoring group and be a beta tester, register at: http://www.rungway.com/

Of course we don’t condone cheating but this isn’t really cheating! The CMO’s guide to: the Social landscape, is an easily digestible summary of major social media, created by Drew McLellan

Good for collecting top line thoughts to jump start your thinking, this sheet serves as a comparison between various sites and the positive effects that the incorporation of these tactics could have on your overall strategy.

It comprises a dissection of ‘Customer comms’, ‘Brand exposure’, Traffic to site’, and ‘SEO’ and which of these sites are ‘good’, ‘ok’, or ‘bad’ for each of these disciplines.

Click here to view the Social media cheat sheet

The Social Media Landscape

Is it time to shape your reputation?

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