Finding that those group brainstorms are starting to lose their fizzle? Your presentations and decks all seem to be starting to look the same, always reverting back to the same themes, those same stock photos?

When trying to think up and flesh out new ideas, it’s always best to get as many different perspectives and viewpoints as you can, so why not also get AI involved?

We may slightly dismiss AI’s own knack for creativity, but there’s now one AI tool that is helping us to get our creative juices flowing again.

Not exactly an idea generator per se, Yossarian is basically a search engine with a difference, aiming to help expand our ways of thinking through search and AI. It links unusual concepts together to help broaden our thoughts and ideas beyond our usual scope, offering new perspectives and inspiring different ways for looking at and approaching a project.

So, how does it work exactly? Once you’ve signed up for your free account and perhaps given the free tutorials a quick watch, all you need to do is type in a search word to kick off your digital brainstorm. Immediately, Yossarian comes up with multiple, potentially related ideas. Just keep on clicking to generate more ideas that may be of interest, moving from the more literally related concepts to the more lateral and quirky ones, until you have that brainwave.

You can also create custom links between various different ideas, making a note of how they’re connected and changing the images used to illustrate these new ideas, pulling pictures from a range of sources (Getty images, Tumblr etc.).

Once you’ve found those initial ideas that you love, you can then delve deeper, beginning to build them out, clicking on those concepts to find more unusual and interesting connections, perhaps even dropping in other random ideas from elsewhere as well.

This can all also be shared with your colleagues at any time, with Yossarian offering sharing and collaboration tools, granting colleagues the opportunity to brainstorm together and you can even share your ideas boards with the public too.

So, if you’re looking for some help sparking your imagination, it could be time to get your thinking caps on!

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