Like many consultancies today, Firefly receives several requests from clients and prospects to develop digital and social media plans. But most of the time, the motivation is not to leverage the new possibilities that these new channels offer, but just to follow a trend.

What most companies forget is that social media has a distinct ‘social’ element. This is not merely an extension to print, broadcast, or online media, but a complementary channel that encourages direct conversations with niche audiences. It is the conversational aspect of this channel that is key and sometimes the most daunting for communication purists.

Clients are predominantly more cautious, as few dare to initiate exchanges due to the fear of uncertainty. It is a common misconception that critics are the ones who are usually more talkative than enthusiasts, but this is where an agency is able to advise you on your communication strategy.

Opening an account and using these tools doesn’t cost a penny, but with any communications activity, these channels have to be approached strategically. Some critical questions have to be answered beforehand:

Why do we want a presence in this space, who do we want to talk to, what information do we want to communicate, who will be the owner of this activity, what is the competition doing, and how can we use this platform for differentiation – these are some of the questions that need to be addressed

Ultimately, it must be asked: ‘Can we handle the conversation?’

Being in direct contact with audiences can be a very powerful tool to gather feedback on the company and its products. A recent survey from Kingston University showed that critics can be used as an improvement driver and even a sales booster when dealt with correctly. This is where using social media can make the difference and where a PR consultancy can assist with supporting your business objectives.

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