Today we held a Twitter competition using #PippaPRTips in collaboration with CorpComms Magazine as everyone’s got that Friday feeling!

As Pippa Middleton’s book Celebrate, a party-planning advice book, sparked a lot of attention for erm…let’s say, its simplicity, the #PippaPRTips trending topic was about encouraging fellow PRs and journalists to tweet obvious PR tips.

The winner will receive a copy of Celebrate by Pippa Middleton.

We’ve been laughing hard all day at all the tweets and it was great to see so many people getting involved!

A special shout out to:

Here are the Top #PippaPRTips Runners Up:

Holding a “product launch” can be a brilliant way to launch a new product. #PippaPRtips

— Mynewsdesk UK (@mynewsdesk_uk) November 23, 2012


It is good to put contact details on a press release. Also good to make sure contact person isn’t on holiday when u send. #PippaPRTips

— Andrew Bruce Smith (@andismit) November 23, 2012


When contacting mummybloggers for a baby promotion, don’t include anyone who’s #childfree #PippaPRTips (also happened)

— Michelle Chapman (@Malvernmeet) November 23, 2012


Always be honest with your clients, except for when you can’t be #PippaPRTips

— Adam Jolley (@JolleyAdam) November 23, 2012


Calling a journo? Explain who you are & what you’re talking about First.Only some are mind readers. Best not leave it to chance #pippaprtips

— Kim Hookem-Smith (@Kimberlarly) November 23, 2012


Never leave the ‘o’ out of account executive. It’ll help to keep HR off your back @corpcomms #PippaPRTips

— Jo Field (@MrsJoField) November 23, 2012


Remember,’PR’ is pronounced ‘Pe-Ar’ not ‘Prrr’ Unless you’re a cat. In which case you probably shouldn’t be in public relations #PippaPRTips

— The Drum (@TheDrum) November 23, 2012


Freelance journalists don’t actually have lances #PippaPRtips

— Native Consultancy* (@Native_Comms) November 23, 2012


When looking to generate coverage, consider approaching a journalist. They have a tendency to be interested in news stories. #PippaPRtips

— Ben Hart (@ben_hart) November 23, 2012


If you’re faxing a press release to a journalist, please be aware that the fax machine is right above the recycling bin… #PippaPRtips

— Darryl Sparey (@DarrylSparey) November 23, 2012


Hook memorable dates to your announcements. For instance: “With Valentines Day approaching, our minds turn to cycling” #PippaPRtips

— Donata Huggins (@DonataHuggins) November 23, 2012


If you send a confidential email to a journalist by mistake, hit recall. That way they won’t read it #PippaPRTips

— James Andrews (@FinanceJames) November 23, 2012


And the winner is…

When you speak to a journalist remember not to tell them things you don’t want them to know #PippaPRTips

— Ben Davies (@daviesben) November 23, 2012


We hope Pippa’s book helps with all those important decisions when planning your next party.

Thanks to everyone that participated!

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