The Firefly team were positively salivating when given the task of developing a digital PR  campaign for the Anthony Nolan Trust’s  innovative saliva donation process – a simple test which eliminates the need to take blood samples, making testing for a bone marrow match quick, easy and pain free.

The creative juices were flowing as we brainstormed funny yet convincing ways of showcasing this campaign to our target audience – men between the ages of 18 and 35.

We devised the concept of “spit happens – put it to good use” and created three viral videos to demonstrate situations when men might drool – for example: over a beer; a plate of fish and chips; and, ultimately, a woman! When thinking of writing, producing and ultimately starring in a series of videos, the scenes would be broken up with slates showing the words “save it” and the final slate saying “save it – save a life.”

After sourcing our actors (thank you Nital, Marcus, Pete and the boys from aspiring band ‘The Cold One Hundred’ who were all willing to dribble incessantly whilst pub goers looked on in horror) and securing the infamous Soho pub The Coach and Horses as our venue, we all congregated on Friday 2nd July for a day’s slobbering.

Due to fantastic script writing, the scenes were cut perfectly and we’ve since had a lot of fun fitting appropriate music to the scenes. The film is currently in final editing and we are looking forward to seeding it online to Ladz Magz.

Thanks to all who helped us in the production of this film – the actors, Alastair the pub landlord (and his pretty waitress), Tsunami Music for supplying us with the Gnome song, and most especially GUM TV for spending a day getting up close and personal with salivary juices…you did an awesome job.

Watch this space closely. The videos will appear online very shortly and don’t forget…spit happens, so put it to good use.

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