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It’s a brand new year and we’re looking forward to more exciting PR stunts in 2015. Following the post-Christmas PR hype, we’re starting this year with a quirky and eye-catching campaign by UK’s much-loved Mexican restaurant Wahaca.

Faced with ‘thieves’ who made it their personal mission to ‘borrow’ the vibrant coloured spoons at Wahaca (4,000 missing spoons per year!), the street food restaurant started to offer an amnesty – free food for the safe return of their colourful cutlery.

With a free plate of tacos offered to customers brave enough to return a spoon to a waiter, Wahaca managed to get quite a bit of recognition in the national press; with The Mail Online and The Telegraph featuring this clever little PR stunt.

Already running for quite a few years, we think the 2015 return of this annual spoon amnesty will no doubt generate much talk around Wahaca.

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