As the reporter begins bashing the phone against the tank, you can almost see the outline of the CEO’s fingers and toes…all firmly crossed. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t do any good as the screen on the “unbreakable” phone, well…erm, breaks!

While this clip is certainly an amusing, there is a clear PR lesson to be learnt.

CES is the world’s biggest gadget show and every January the world’s tech media focus in on Las Vegas for a week. As such, competition for column inches is fierce and some manufacturers choose to make quite outlandish claims in order to get into the spotlight.

An unbreakable phone? It’s a bold statement alright and pitching that concept to the media was always going to be like waving a red rag to bull – with every journalist determined to break the unbreakable phone.

The moral of this particular story? Be very, very careful what you claim…especially in Vegas!

When it’s cold outside and no amount of Christmas socks, long johns or woolly tights are going to keep the bone-chilling freeze from invading your body like a 1965 Don Siegel horror film, what else is there to do but tuck up at home with the heating on high and a mountain of mince pies which would make Eamon Holmes sweat with jealousy.

But what is there to watch during jolly time?

We have overcome the first hurdle in what is now British traditional Christmas entertainment as 20m tuned in to the X-Factor final to watch the delightful Joe McElderry – the boy who sleeps with coat hangers in his mouth – beat all competition for the elusive Faustian bargain, sorry I mean Cowell contract.

The Strictly weekend gives us the opportunity to watch a decrepit man string sentences together whilst surrounded by super toned Umpa Lumpa lookalikes wearing nothing but Swarovski off-cuts parading as dresses. Once again, the public has voted for entertainment over talent with the rejection of the very elegant but dull Ali Bastian in favour of the comedy micro-man Chris Hollins.

I predict Christmas day to be full of ‘specials’ and two small Geordie men making bad jokes and screwing up their autocue. We have so much to look forward to as we launch into 2010, especially with Señhor Cowell having opened entries for the next Factor.

My New Year’s Resolutions include entering X-Factor or becoming a quick-fix celebrity; possibly by having a whirlwind romance with Robert Pattinson. If neither of these happens I think I’m destined to throw my television out of the frosted, fairy light covered window in rebellion.

Alternatively, I might just change the channel and watch ET.

We did it! And here’s some proof!

We’ve raised £4,500 so the KIDs charity for disabled children is looking forward to the delivery and installation of a safe nest swing for the playground.

There are many people we’d like to thank:

Blaze– for organising the firewalk and helping us ‘believe’ so no-one suffered any doubt or damage!

Ealing Lawn Tennis Club– for allowing us to host this event when other venues flatly refused.

Prestige– Our transport company who asked to join us on this journey across hot

The New Inn, Ealing – Who sourced all the food for the BBQ at cost.

Filip Matous – For making this wonderful video!

And finally, a HUGE thank you to all the family, friends, clients and Firefly people who were either brave enough to walk across 20ft of hot coals at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit, or be the team organising the event, or took the time and effort to sponsor us or attended to cheer us on!

It’s still not too late to donate us!!

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