Our digital fingerprints are all over the place and it’s a messy affair. Imagine being Sarah Baskerville. Or the Robin Hood Airport guy. Or Twitter itself, after it was subpoenaed by the US government and ordered to release personal information about users connected to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. Wherever you look, social media brands, their legions of fans, and those in positions of power or authority are having an awkward little tango.

Not too long ago, the golden rule was never to put anything on company email that you wouldn’t want to see in print (or worse, a deposition). This required a modicum of restraint and plenty of good judgment. Fast-forward to the noughties and not only have our attitudes changed (Facebook seems to bring out the inner extrovert), but so has the legal environment around social media. At a time when many of us are so keen to connect and share – quickly and profusely – there emerge multiple, sobering reminders of what a friend used to call, “the over-share” gone wrong.

The PCC, amongst others, are holding a talk on social media privacy and data protection laws on 22 March. I’m definitely going to try to be there, if I can peel myself away from ranting and raving on Facebook.

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