Executive Reputation Management

What is Facebook without Zuckerberg, or Virgin without Branson?

Leaders are intrinsically linked to an organisation’s reputation. People want to see and hear from the personalities behind the brand, showcasing the expertise and points of view on issues that matter.

Executive branding

Auditing executives needs

Executive comms programme

Executive speech writing

Executive 1-on-1 coaching

Multi-exec workshops

Clarity of vision

Crisis training

At Firefly we’ve got decades of experience supporting executives, helping you to establish the vision and mission for your organisation, as well as making the most of your personal brand – as well as helping when the going gets tough.

Audit, Brand, Communicate: We can help you work out what your leadership brand is, where you stand and how to make the most of your strengths and opportunities.

Vision, Mission and Messaging: With a series of workshops, we can help you to understand and shape what your organisation stands for, where it’s going and how to communicate this effectively

Coaching: Need support overcoming an issue? Whether it’s 1:1 coaching, or a group session, we can facilitate and coach you through it

Speech writing: Want your SKO speech to be more TED talk than sleepwalk? Let us know

Crisis management: From preparation to handling, we’ve got you covered

Inspiration from others

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