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Hello from the team here at Firefly Communications! Below you’ll find a selection of popular opinion pieces and insights on a range of hot communications and tech matters – from brand pivots during Covid and cancel culture, to cross-country comms coordination and reputation shaping. There is something for everyone, so go ahead and explore this taster of the expertise Firefly has to offer and check out our Blog for even more insights.

Reputation shaping
The Firefly Guide to Shaping Your Reputation

If your company exists, someone has an opinion about it. This free guide from Firefly’s reputation shapers provides our expertise on reputation management and looks at real-world examples of companies that have gotten it right and wrong. Download it here.

Cancel culture
It’s Time for Comms to Get Serious About ‘Cancel Culture’

The comms industry stands divided on ‘cancel culture’. Many are dismissing it, despite the fact it has had a direct impact on some of the world’s biggest brands. This article explains why the comms industry must get serious about this phenomenon – read here.

Ugly truth
The Ugly Truth – How to Get and Act on Feedback Better

Firefly Group CEO Claire Walker looks at the benefits of facing up to difficult views and opinions, examining different ways to get honest and open feedback for your company, and how best to adapt as a result. Read more here.

Airbnb marketing
Airbnb’s Marketing Pivot – New Focus on Brand and Reputation

Airbnb pivoted during the pandemic to focus more on brand-building and reputation. This piece explains how the hospitality giant evolved and assesses what we as communications staff can learn from this. Read more here.

Reputational risk
Internal Communication Is As Important As External – Here’s How to Improve It

After Goldman Sachs’ junior bankers spoke out publicly about burnout, this piece explains the role of internal communications in enabling tech companies to help disgruntled employees and reduce the risks of similar public complaints. Read more here.

PR and comms in Europe
Crack Multi Country Public Relations and Comms Across Europe

What are the major challenges when doing PR and comms in multiple countries? And what are the solutions? This free guide answers those questions, providing a clear view of what businesses need to do for great cross-EMEA comms. Download it here.
Shift Happens
Showing Your Value in Transformative Times

Cuts are being made across all businesses and all departments, and unfortunately marketing isn’t exempt. But there are ways of protecting your budget, or at least getting a less aggressive cut. Find out how here.

PR Brain
The Reputation Shaper B-R-A-I-N in 2021

As the UK enters and learns to become used to the ‘new normal’, this piece explores the skills and competencies that today’s PR professionals need to shape reputations. It reveals the five key elements for a comms and marketing B-R-A-I-N in 2021. Read more here.

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