Claire Walker

Claire founded Firefly in 1988 and is our CEO

Claire founded Firefly Communications Group in 1988. She works closely with the Firefly teams in London, Munich and Paris, supporting clients on a range of challenging communications briefs

Claire has been a member of the PRCA board since 2000 and is a chairman of the PRCA Professional Practices Committee, which serves to uphold the PRCA Code of Conduct dealing with complaints and investigations into disputes and breaches

What Claire says:

“As a youngster I played competitive tennis, which taught me so much about strategy, dedication, follow-through, accuracy, positive thinking and the importance of winning. I still play tennis regularly (and win sometimes) but these lessons have guided me through my career. I have always applied bundles of energy, contagious enthusiasm and imaginative approaches to my work. No client assignment is too challenging.

I’m calm in a crisis and I thrive on change, especially when it relates to making things better for people. ‘Spontaneous’ and ‘change loving’ may seem an odd self description, given that I’ve been at the helm of Firefly for over two decades, but during that time the methods of doing business, protecting and building reputations, and enticing people to change their behaviour have changed beyond recognition. We’ve worked with industry giants including Dell, Oracle, Apple, LG and Xerox, but also a number of smaller, challenger brands – they’re all unique and I’d be hard-pressed to name a favourite!

With three children to keep me busy outside of work, I love ‘time saving’ gadgets, but any new tech gets my attention. I’m an ‘always connected’ person, tweeting, connecting with colleagues, friends and family on Facebook, instigating events and discussions topics and posting on our blog. I couldn’t live without the internet and the convenience it brings to my life – my smartphone is always with me, unless I’ve worn it out or lost it, which sometimes happens.”

Claire’s latest posts

What Role Will Reputation Play If Britain Is To Become A New Silicon Valley?

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Claire Walker
Claire Walker

Creating realistic resolutions that stick

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Claire Walker
Claire Walker

How your attitude to sales impacts reputation

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Claire Walker
Claire Walker

Is it time to shape your reputation?

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