Firefly reshapes Quattro’s reputation on safety


Quattro Group is a provider of Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) in the UK for the maintenance of the UK rail network. Safety is paramount so Quattro Group approached Firefly to build its reputation with safety at its core.


Firefly kicked off a series of workshops to discover the vision, mission and values to form the basis of Quattro’s business strategy. Senior management and executives from all departments and regional bases attended to have their voices heard and considered. With this new strategy, Firefly set about reposition the company externally, as well as communicating and engaging with employees internally.

Firefly developed a whitepaper in conjunction with Network Rail, to unite the organisations and show a united front on safety. 

Firefly also created an internal quarterly newsletter, staff awards, wrote copy for the new website, messaging, and the vision, missions and values.


A whitepaper on the “Future of the On-Track Plant Industry” was written with the help of leading transport journalist Christian Wolmar, launched jointly alongside Network Rail. A subset of the Rail Plant Association leadership alliance was created under Quattro Group’s leadership to take the issues raised in the whitepaper forward, with cross industry support.

Firefly also helped Quattro achieve high engagement levels internally, bringing the new strategy to life throughout its entire workforce.

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