Firefly boosts awareness of employee storytelling brand PathMotion in UK and France


In 2018, employee-to-candidate engagement software champion PathMotion embarked upon a transformative year; with a major funding round coming up and a partnership with a leading neuroscientist, there was a lot of potential for outbound communications. With a major Hubspot campaign running throughout the year, the brand wanted to amplify the announcements to give additional exposure and bring in new commercial partners. Co-founder Alon Laniado brought in Firefly to help…


Firefly knew that getting exposure in certain outlets would lead to a cascade of further coverage across social and media outlets – and that it was important to help give PathMotion pinpoint accuracy in reaching its target audience. For the funding news, Firefly focused on reaching audiences to pique interest among the HR communities and influencers, and for the second announcement it focused on reaching HR audiences to boost awareness among potential users of PathMotion’s software. This combination would help PathMotion by demonstrating its value to its users, while also giving business decision makers confidence in the company’s potential. Consequently, the team planned to deliver the two stories exclusively to key business and HR outlets, selecting the most influential journalists at those publications.

The teams secured broadcast business outlet BFM in France as a broadcast exclusive for the funding news, giving the channel exclusive rights to an interview with PathMotion co-founder David Rivel on the morning of the funding news.

For the second story, based jointly in the UK and France, Firefly also focused on depth, giving select publications access to Paul Zak, the leading neuroscientist involved with the study, through interviews and at a physical event discussing the research. During the interviews, Paul discussed how a storytelling approach can be far more engaging that simple facts and figures on their own. This reinforced the strength of PathMotion’s business model, which allows candidates to talk to current employees, hearing more in-depth accounts of working and ensuring that the organisation is a ‘good fit’ for them – whilst also retaining top talent!

After the outlets had published the exclusives, the team aggressively followed up with additional tier one and two titles to ensure both stories reached a broad and deep audience.


The campaign reached up to 80% of the 480,000 HR professionals in the UK and France through focused HR titles such as HR Grapevine, Focus RH and HR Voice. In addition, it reached an additional 22 million business people through a total of 25 press articles across more generalised national outlets like Les Echos and BFM business – many of which are also read by HR staff and business decision makers.

The campaign significantly improved the SEO for the brand, with an article on FrenchWeb about PathMotion’s fundraising round becoming the fifth best inbound link to the PathMotion website. Similarly, with over 25 separate articles in press, the campaign gave PathMotion executives plenty of links to share online through their own networks. All articles positioned the organisation as a leading and fast-moving organisation in the field of human resources technology.

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